Important Check Cashing Information

Bring Your Id!

  • You Need To Know! Checks cashed at sole discretion of management.
    All checks subject to verification with issuer at managements discretion.
    Management reserves right to change fees and/or refuse check for any reason.
    We do not disclose any personal information except as required by regulation or law.
    We do not give coins when cashing checks.
    All checks returned unpaid subject to $35 per check. Acceptance of check(s) by us and your check endorsement verifies agreement to pay charge if check bounces.

Check Cashing Prices

Check Amount/Size Price
$100 or less check$1 fee
$101 to $799 check 1.25% fee
$800 to $2999 check1.5% fee
$3000 and over 2% fee

Commercial & Business Checks-All Types

Check Amount Price
Under $50 $1 fee
$50 or more 2% fee

Money Orders

Southwest Money Order Other Money Order
Under $100 - $1 fee Under $34 - $1 fee
$100 or more - 1% fee Over $34 - 3% fee

Tax Refunds & Insurance Settlements

Tax RefundInsurance
2% fee2% fee